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Jackson's shelfies age 2.5-3

Updated: Jun 4

This post is for all of our shelfies that we post on Instagram along with all the links to materials and products! Firstly I will add that the yoto player is a permanent fixture and won't be linked on the shelfies. If you do want a yoto player you can purchase one here.

There are a few items where I have linked to similar items if I haven't been able to get links to the ones we have. Also DIY materials will link to purchasable options as well as any relevant blog posts about how I made the DIY's. Some are gifted or second hand and I don't know where they are from!

Disclosure: As an Amazon associate I earn a small commission on qualifying purchases through links on this page at no cost to you :)

Quick links

2 years 6 months

2 years 7 months

2 years 8 months

2 years 9 months

2 years 10 months

2 years 11 months

2 Years 6 Months

With all the Christmas mayhem honestly didn’t get the chance to sit and fully observe but as a toddler does, huge interest in everything new he got for Christmas, the only thing he still touched on the shelf was the dinosaurs so they stayed!

2. Play food tray-Language-For playing I spy sound game

3. Dinosaurs-Science-He’s still learning to differentiate them and uses them daily

4. Magnatiles-Open ended play-these are new, and are fascinating and actually challenging for him to understand how they go together

5. Texture match board-Sensorial-some look quite similar so the only way to identify is through touch.

6. Geoboard-Math-really good fine motor fun but we haven’t explored it yet! Will be great for logical thinking and imagination.

7. Magnetic trains-No real reason other than he loves them and he enjoys lining them up and sorting them due to the sensitive period for order.

8. Screw board-Practical life-Jax is obsessed with diy and anything to do with tools but this is also challenging! As some need the screwdriver others the spanner etc.

9. Construction vehicle puzzles-Cognitive & Hand eye coordination-these are from melissa and doug and all puzzles are great for fine motor, problem solving, cognitive skills etc, we just happen to be construction mad in this house!

2 Years 7 Months

2. Doorbell house-Fine motor/Problem solving/Enveloping schema- This comes with 4 dolls and this has already been on and off the shelf 3 times just this morning! It’s definitely nourishing his current schematic play of enveloping.

3. Dinosaurs-Science/Language-These have been on the shelf for about 2.5 months now! They are still being used a lot, he now knows all the names but still enjoys imaginative play with them.

4. Magnatiles-Open ended play-These are also staying on the shelf from our last rotation as they are still being used most days.

5. Construction nomenclature cards-Language-Per his interest in construction vehicles.

6. Tambourine & recorder-Music-The sensitive period for music is age 2-6 and jax is only just showing an interest in making his own music and rhythm so now seemed a good time to introduce some instruments to the shelf.

7. Bead stair-Math-I’m introducing this diy bead stair even though it’s not traditionally introduced until much later because I feel it’s more suiting to his current development than red rods and number rods.

8. Space search box-Science/Sensorial-This box from kiwico is great! You can get 50% off a subscription through this link! It serves as a stereognostic box to work on the sense of touch, and also it unfolds into a shape matching puzzle with the felt counterparts.

9. Matryoshka dolls-Sensorial-It helps discriminate size and also it’s great for their sense of order at this age.

2 Years 7 Months

2. Weighted numbers-Math/Sensorial-Each number gets slightly heavier to solidify that 10(heaviest) really is more than 1 (lightest)

3. Drill board-Practical life/hand eye coordination-Jax LOVES tools and anything DIY and he asked for this so it’s on the shelf. 🙂

4. Magnatiles-Open ended/imaginative play-They are still being used most days for various reasons because his imaginative play is really emerging and also for his enveloping schema making doors

5. Postman kit - Kiwi co discount here-Enveloping schema/gross motor/sensorial-This seemed logical because of the enveloping schema Jax is currently exploring and because it can get him “posting” all over to get some extra gross motor happening.

6. Knobbed cylinders block 4-Sensorial-Jax enjoys these and he is enjoying discriminating types of activites currently and this block is new to him.

7. Rainbow blocks-Colour mixing/Light exploration-This is another one Jax asked for and he does use them everyday he doesn’t really build with them very much but he likes looking through them and stacking them.

8. Music box-Music-This is a lovely little music box that he can see how it works as he uses it and it’s the perfect size for his hands I LOVE this thing.

9. Fire truck puzzle & fire truck-Problem solving/Hand eye coordination/Fine & Gross motor-This is one of @melissaanddougtoys puzzles, but because there’s 4 in a box there’s no picture for reference which Jax likes for puzzles so I just got a fire engine out to help him see what the puzzle was for and to push around and get moving.

2 Years 8 Months

2. Planets & cards-Science/Language-Jax has widened his interest recently from just the moon to other planets so I made these for him and printed and laminated the cards 🌍

3. Melissa and Doug puzzles-Hand eye coordination/Fine motor- I always try to incorporate some type of puzzle as they’re really beneficial for a lot of areas 🧩

4. Magnatiles-Open ended play-honestly they’re not used every day at this point but anytime we “need something” to build on play we go straight to magnatile