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Montessori at home 0-3 months

Updated: Apr 1

In this post I'm going to cover how to use Montessori for the new born baby. You may think a baby this young can't possibly be learning anything, but I assure you they are already working hard to understand their environment from the moment they are born. Whilst the new born baby isn't going to be using a shelf or doing things independently like a Montessori toddler might, there is still ways you can aid their learning even from birth.


Whilst the baby may start in a Moses basket, in a Montessori environment the baby is transitioned to a floor bed around 3 months old. A floor bed is as it sounds, its usually a mattress on the floor. Which may sound bizarre but their is (Montessori) method to the madness here. It is to allow the baby the independence to get in and out of bed when they start to crawl. It's their first real taste of Independence. Another reason is so that if they roll out, they are safe. By having a floor bed they are safe, but not caged in like in a cot.

You'll also usually see a long mirror next to the floor bed or a rug for the baby to look at as well as some kind of artwork. Most often I see pictures of these lovely Montessori spaces with the Mirrors right next to the floor bed, but in Montessori the bedroom/sleeping area is primarily for sleep and should have minimal distractions. So personally, I think at least to start with, the mirror should be placed away from the bed, or in the main space they spend their awake time. It only really serves as a distraction next to the bed. It's also really good for them to see themselves, and other parts of their environment they might not otherwise see.


Something I think every new parent buys for their baby is mobiles. Montessori mobiles might look a little different to what you usually see, but they are very specifically designed for their age and stage of development. I will list them chronologically with rough age ranges, but always follow your babies lead on whether they are ready for the next mobile or not, this is when you can start to practice your observation skills.

Visual Mobiles

Munari mobile 3-6 Weeks
Octahedron mobile 6-8 Weeks

Dancer mobile 10-12 Weeks
Gobbi mobile 8-10 Weeks

Tactile mobiles

Bell on a Ribbon 8-12 Weeks
Ring on a Ribbon 12-15 Weeks

These are the mobiles specifically for this age range. If you want to see more mobiles that come after or learn why each one is designed the way it is, check out my other blog posts visual mobiles and tactile mobiles they also have links for purchasing the mobiles and making them yourself.